google vs facebook

Facebook & Google: When will the disrupters be disrupted?

I often ask people what sort of company some of the top players in tech are: Google & Facebook. For Google, the most common responses include search, email, & advertising. Facebook is usually described as social & advertising. ... Continue Reading →

Splunk: big data visualization & intelligence

WHAT IS SPLUNK? Splunk is effing sweet. I first saw them at a trade show (O’Reilly Strata Big Data NYC) and I liked them because they had great t-shirts. I used to make t-shirts so I can appreciate a quality promo tee. After joining ... Continue Reading →
Web Architect

startup advice 101: Find a Web Architect

Let’s face it. It’s really trendy to be in the tech startup world. Everyone has an idea for an app, a social network, a utility, or the next big multibillion dollar disruption. Tech is today’s film / music industry. The ... Continue Reading →
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Site Redesign

User First, Data First – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Website Redesign

I find it funny that I’m 28 years old, and I’m doing the exact same thing I did when I was 11. I’m on a computer at 4:30am, eyes bloodshot, yet not the least bit tired. I’m still instant messaging, only now I’m ... Continue Reading →

Seattle Hospital Will Live Tweet, Instagram First Hearing Restoration Surgery

Original Article written by Kate Freeman. Read the original full length article Eleanor Day, 79, doesn’t have a Twitter account, but after her live-tweeted cochlear implant surgery Tuesday morning, she has a chance at becoming a trending topic. ... Continue Reading →

Driverless Cars: Now Street-Legal in California

Original Article written by Chris Taylor. Read the original full length article Take it from a California resident: you see a lot of crazy things in this state. And it’s about to get a lot crazier, thanks to Jerry Brown and Google. Governor ... Continue Reading →

This Glass Chip Could Store Your Data Forever

Original Article written by Kenneth Rosen. Read the original full length article What’s bad about technology? It’ll always be out of date. Once you’ve upgraded to the latest, it’s already become obsolete. Maybe there’s hope with Hitachi, ... Continue Reading →

3 of 4 Start-Ups Fail

Original Article written by Deborah Gage. Read the original full length article It looks so easy from the outside. An entrepreneur with a hot technology and venture-capital funding becomes a billionaire in his 20s. But now there is evidence ... Continue Reading →

Samsung still making Apple’s A6 chip, electron microscopes reveal

Original Article written by Ubm Techinsights. Read the original full length article Apple and Samsung have many beefs. But for now, it appears, Samsung is still manufacturing the A6 processor inside Apple’s flagship iPhone 5. That’s the ... Continue Reading →

Meet Baxter: Rethink Robotics’ Next-Gen Robot

I love robots, thus this article. 🙂 Original Article written by Tom Green, Robotics Business Review. Read the original full length article September 18, 2012 “We roll up to a factory, and 45 minutes after we arrive, the robot is on the ... Continue Reading →

Apple Wants More Damages, U.S. Sales Ban Against Samsung [REPORT]

After winning more than $1 billion in damages from Samsung last month, Apple is going after the Korean electronics giant once again. The Cupertino company filed a motion Friday that seeks additional damages of $535 million, plus $172 million ... Continue Reading →