google vs facebook

Facebook & Google: When will the disrupters be disrupted?

I often ask people what sort of company some of the top players in tech are: Google & Facebook. For Google, the most common responses include search, email, & advertising. Facebook is usually described as social & advertising. ... Continue Reading →

Splunk: big data visualization & intelligence

WHAT IS SPLUNK? Splunk is effing sweet. I first saw them at a trade show (O’Reilly Strata Big Data NYC) and I liked them because they had great t-shirts. I used to make t-shirts so I can appreciate a quality promo tee. After joining ... Continue Reading →
Web Architect

startup advice 101: Find a Web Architect

Let’s face it. It’s really trendy to be in the tech startup world. Everyone has an idea for an app, a social network, a utility, or the next big multibillion dollar disruption. Tech is today’s film / music industry. The ... Continue Reading →